Connect With Customers In A Fun, New Way!

Texcido enables businesses to engage customers and gather feedback, contact preferences, improving online social media presence.

Texcido installs Interactive Display(s) at your location

  • Dedicated number for your location*
  • Customize welcome and response messages for first time customers
  • Integrate your social media
  • Advertise and promote upcoming events, specials, and campaigns

Customers easily join the Texcido Ecosystem as they respond to a question or phrase

  • Quickly grow subscribers and capture valuable information
  • Manage message board real-time with mobile app
  • Delete messages; block users, Key word filters



Our on-site digital display invites customers inside and keeps them involved with interactive games and messaging that shows up directly on the screen.


Every AD campaign utilized on your digital display reaches your target audience directly, ensuring a high investment return without any wasted expense.


Digital displays include analytic reporting so you can keep a close eye on your campaign investment while seeing exactly who you are reaching.



Texcido is an interactive and cost-effective marketing solution for small business seeking to connect with their customers. We utilize mobile marketing, social media, and digital displays to provide businesses a practical platform for expanding their customer base. Our goal is to help you connect with your customers, while simultaneously building your brand presence. With Texcido, you can engage, target, and analyze your unique marketing efforts in one convenient place.